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by Tom Stoppard

June 19 – July 12

We end the season with a revival of one of the Pear’s most popular plays: a beloved contemporary classic, wherein the actions of two scholars and current residents of an English estate are juxtaposed with those who lived there 180 years prior....more

"The depth, breadth and scope of the play are exhilarating," --Financial Times

The Pear is Moving to a Larger Space!

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We will be moving to a new theater space located at 1110 La Avenida St., in Mountain View, just blocks away from our current space on Pear Avenue.


by Diane Tasca     
September 18 – October 4

We inaugurate our new space with a World Premiere: The Walls of Jericho, a romantic comedy based on the story “Night Bus” (inspiration for the classic film It Happened One Night). In this reverse Cinderella story, a charmingly mismatched young pair (she’s rich, he’s poor) meet on a bus, and, after many adventures and much witty sparring in the classic 1930s mode, the barriers between them begin to crumble.  

by Nina Raine                                                             
November 6 – 22

Billy, a deaf young man who has been lip-reading all his life to fit in with his hearing family, meets a young woman who is losing her hearing. She shows him a new way to connect: sign language. Conflict arises between Billy and his non-signing family, provoking thoughts about the ties that bind, and separate, us into “tribes.” Witty and poignant, Tribes won the 2012 Drama Desk Award.

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by Katori Hall                                     
January 15 – 31

An imaginative portrayal of the last night in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, set in Memphis in April, 1968. King meets the attractive, spunky motel maid Camae, who arrives to provide room service—but we soon discover she is no ordinary chambermaid. The play moves beyond realism into the marvelous. Winner, 2009 Olivier Award for Best New Play.  “Beautiful and startling … something magical, spiritual and touching."—The Daily Telegraph.

by Chekhov/Sikula              
February 26 – March 13

Having produced The Seagull, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard in previous seasons, the Pear is delighted to offer our audiences another of Chekhov’s “Big Four,” Uncle Vanya. Frustrated love, misguided impulses, and hope abound in this witty yet heartbreaking take on human experience. A wonderful new translation by Bay Area writer Dave Sikula.

by Amy Freed                                                     
April 8 – 24

A brilliant farcical treatment of the Oxfordian theory regarding authorship of Shakespeare’s plays. Were they really written by a nobleman? What was Shakespeare really like? How did his wife deal with Shakespeare’s fame? Hilarious and intriguing, the play takes us on a wild ride in Elizabethan England, even bringing the Queen herself along.  “Clever, thoughtful, and entertaining farce.”—NY Times

PEAR SLICES 2016                                                                      
May 13 - 29

Our 13th batch of new, short plays from the Pear Playwrights Guild. This beloved Pear tradition gets an updated format and program, as befits our new space. Come see what new Slices of life the Pear Playwrights will offer you!

by Tracy Letts                      
June 24 – July 10

In this searing, fiercely dark comedy of an American family, secrets and lies spill out over dysfunc-tional dinners and drug-laced arguments, and nothing is sacred—or safe. “Hugely entertaining! A ripsnorter full of blistering, funny dialogue, acid-etched characterizations and scenes of no-holds-barred emotional combat.” – NY Times

Next Developmental Play Reading

Forward Alone Together!
by Leah Halper

Sunday, June 28th 6:30 pm door, 7:00 pm performance

Tickets $10.00 in advance; walk-ups on a space-available basis

Refreshments will be served at intermission, and we'll have a brief post-performance play discussion with the playwright.

Synopsis: Mary Moody Emerson, whose famous and powerful nephew Ralph Waldo borrows freely from her ideas, struggles to keep body and soul together as she devours books, philosophies, and relationships. Her fierce solitary wake exerts extraordinary influence upon Ralph Waldo, his friend Henry Thoreau, and everyone who encounters her. But her brilliant intellect and lightning tongue also inflict stinging wounds. In a society that constricts women, especially elderly women, especially elderly spinsters, alienating one's family and friends is a dangerous gamble. Can she survive without them?

Bio: Leah Halper’s short plays have been widely produced on the West Coast. Her ten-minute Ready was a Heideman Award finalist, and she’s an Arts Council Silicon Valley Playwriting Fellow. She belongs to the Dramatists Guild, PlayGround at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, City Lights Theatre LightSource and most importantly, the Pear Avenue Theatre Writers Guild. She has worked as a journalist, coffee picker, house-cleaner, reporter, peace activist, and translator. She’s grateful to make the Pear her home theatre.



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